Yurt Camping at Victory Ranch: What to Know Before You Go

A trailblazer in its commitment to resort-like amenities, Victory Ranch offers an unparalleled Utah camping experience. Yurt camping at Victory Ranch is a step above and beyond your average campout, offering wonders of the great outdoors with no modern luxury spared. From personal chefs to five-star accommodations, expertly-appointed interior designs and top-notch adventures curated to enhance your one-on-one with nature, this experience redefines what it means to retreat in the wilderness.

For those who need a break from their busy lives but lack the time or desire to set up camp or haul a mountain of blankets and supplies, get cozy in a yurt. This is glamping at its absolute best.

Leave Your Food at Home

While yurt camping at Victory Ranch, plan to leave all of your trail mix and goldfish crackers at home. One of the highlights of this whole experience is the food. Victory Ranch’s Executive Chef Adam Price will create a unique culinary adventure for each and every guest, using locally-sourced and fresh ingredients. Victory Ranch chefs design an all-out unforgettable meal with rich campfire flavors and scents that add an extra sweet touch to a day of adventure. After all, when you’re glamping you can’t dare be bothered with the task of making food, too. You have one job and that’s to enjoy nature in comfort.

For those who want to “rough it’ on some level and still prepare their own meals, Victory Ranch can accommodate that as well. Bringing in fresh ingredients of your choice, the team will arrange for you to create a memorable campsite meal of your own. No matter how you dine, be sure to finish with some s’mores.

Don’t Bring Extra Pillows

One suggestion when ‘yurting’ at Victory Ranch is to call ahead and see what you may need. Chances are, extra pillows and blankets are not on the list. The luxurious yurts themselves are decked out with cozy beds, stylish furnishings, electricity, a comfortable lounge area and humble indoor dining space. Pillows, blankets and everything you need to make your stay more enjoyable are already there. Inside of the yurt, you’ll behold windows that look out to the campsite and allow natural light to flow in come morning, casting a majestic glow on each detailed design.

Next Level Activities

Sled-to-yurt dining? Of course. While waking up to an elk at your doorstep might be as adventurous as you thought it could get, think again. Victory Ranch yurt camping comes complete with equally impressive activities. The Sled-to-Yurt adventure allows you to hop aboard a snowmobile and take in over 4,000 acres of wilderness. Led by an Outfitter, you’ll go on a guided journey that allows you to see the snow-covered expanse of the Utah frontier. That’s just part of the joy of Victory Ranch glamping.

Five-Star Feeling

While five-star hotels have catered room service, one could say the same is true at Victory Ranch’s Bugle Inn and Lil’ Bugler yurts (named for the elk bugling that can be heard during the autumn months). After being lulled to slumber by the sounds of a nearby whispering stream and the wilderness, the private chefs return at daybreak to awaken you with the smell of coffee and bacon. And, much like a fancy hotel, the surroundings are naturally extravagant—trees looming overhead, shrubs and bushes along with carved out pathways, communal tables crafted from tree trunks and more. Though you’re only four miles deep into the woods, you will surely feel a world away thanks to the luxury, service and the surrounding splendor.

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