Protecting Our Native Ecosystems

The Conservancy at Victory Ranch is dedicated to the planning and management of our resources toward a model of sustainability. This stewardship includes finding ways to maintain the natural diversity of our native flora and fauna, while restoring and protecting their ecosystems. This model of long term sustainability extends to everything we do at Victory Ranch
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Returning the land to nature

Our stewardship has taken form through a variety of restoration and preservation projects that mark the first steps in our journey towards lasting sustainability. These programs have preserved the wilderness in our backcountry, returned developed areas to wetlands, maintained our wild fish stock and more. This work just scratches the surface of what we intend to do in our pursuit of a sustainability that will protect our 6,250 acres for generations to come.

Protecting the Columbia Spotted Frog

To protect this native, ecologically important wetland species, we’ve joined forces with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources for its Head Start program, building a number of frog ponds in prime habitat to serve as protective nurseries for eggs and tadpoles. Our trained Outfitters staff help delicately extract egg masses from below the Jordanelle Reservoir for placement into protective cages, where once they hatch, they will be fed and cared for to increase their rate of survival until their release into the surrounding wetlands. Victory Ranch is the first private development ever to attempt this type of conservation program, which we hope will re-invigorate the species, currently petitioned to list under the Endangered Species Act.

Studying the solitary bee

In an effort to help address the declining honeybee population, we chose to participate in a partnership with Pacific Pollination to track and study our native solitary bees. The program allowed us to protect and survey these bees during the winter months when they are in hibernation and most vulnerable. The information we collected will be used to create programs to protect and maintain our native solitary bee population for years to come.

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