Why Victory Ranch is the Place to Be for the Great American Solar Eclipse

Surrounded by miles of wilderness and mountains in every direction, our members enjoy exceptional wide-angle views of the cosmos year round. One astronomical event this month will rise above the rest—the “Great American Solar Eclipse.” Taking place on August 21, Victory Ranch will have a prime viewing point in the moon’s dramatic lingering shadow.

When to Watch

According to NASA, the view of the 2017 solar eclipse in the Park City area will peak at 11:34am on August 21. At this point, the moon will have obscured 91.5-percent of the sun. Only the regions along the path of totality, which will be just 250 miles from Victory Ranch, will experience 100 percent obscurity of the sun by the moon, a total eclipse.

How Long Will it Last?

Because of the Earth’s geometry, the moon’s shadow will move at a different pace across certain points of the country. In the Park City area, the solar eclipse will begin at approximately 10:14am, peak at approximately 11:34am and end just before 3:00pm.

What Causes a Solar Eclipse?

During two points, or nodes, in the moon’s orbit—while at its farthest from the sun and at its closest—the new moon’s shadow directly crosses Earth’s orbit, which is called an eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth’s orbit and the sun while at its closest approach to Earth. This particular alignment happens every 18 months, but at different points of the earth. According to NASA, the next Solar Eclipse visible from the continental United States will be in 2024.

Safe Viewing

Safety glasses should be worn during viewing to avoid eye damage. From Amazon to private online retailers like REI, eclipse viewing glasses are inexpensive and easy to find. Victory Ranch will have 25 safety glasses for free use at The Post (first-come-first-serve) during the eclipse.

We are looking forward to this most extraordinary astronomical event at home. For more information visit eclipse2017.nasa.gov.

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