Wake Up Wellness: Kickstart Your Day at the JuiceBar with Bayley Ellis


One of The Barn’s most frequented spots for health connoisseurs and coffee lovers is, undoubtedly, the JuiceBar. Adjacent to the Fitness Center, the JuiceBar is the perfect spot to fuel with a pre- or post-workout juice or smoothie, sit back and relax with a cup of coffee or gain unrivaled insight into the revolutionary world of health from chef Bayley Ellis. Her carefully curated menu features a unique range of ingredients that are designed to benefit you and your active lifestyle at Victory Ranch. So, we sat down with Bayley to get an inside look into the specific advantages her creations—which, of course, have us running back to the JuiceBar to charge up for our next adventure at the Ranch.

The JuiceBar has a delicious and healthy selection of juices. What are the benefits of each?

Fruits and vegetables are universally known for their nutrition and dietary importance. They contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that promote general good health and fight against chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. No single fruit or veggie can provide all the nutrients we need; so it’s necessary to eat a variety every day. Fresh juice makes that intake that much easier. There are currently four different juices on the menu: Detox, Glow, Balance and Awake. Here are some of their wide range of benefits:

• Detox cleanses the body, flushes out toxins and aids digestion while containing beneficial enzymes and anti-inflammatory properties.
• Glow boosts immunity and stamina, cleanses and regulates the body all while promoting eye, skin and oral health.
• Balance is highest in vitamin C and immune support, contains anti-inflammatory and phytonutrient healing properties while promoting organ health.
• Awake is the most hydrating and calming; it can relieve indigestion, migraines and promotes weight loss.


Woman Pouring a Smoothie

The smoothies feature unique ingredients such as horchata, bee pollen and avocado. What benefits do these have?

Everything on the menu is beneficial to your health in one way or another! Horchata, bee pollen and avocado are ingredients that, I hope, will grease the wheels for more unique recipes to come. Horchata is a drink made from ground tiger nuts. Tiger nuts are tuber vegetables that are sweet and nutrient rich. They act as a prebiotic, have antibiotic properties and contain a high energy content. Horchata has a lot of the same benefits and consistency as milk so it acts as a great replacement.

Bee pollen is pollen that honey bees collect and store within the hive as a protein source. It contains almost all of the nutrients that we, as human beings, require and is responsible for many of the health benefits found in raw honey. As an anti-inflammatory, healing agent, and natural allergy reliever, these bittersweet, crunchy granules add a fine texture and health kick to any smoothie.

Avocado is a widely revered fruit among health conscious individuals. It is high in nutrients, fiber and healthy fats while helping in the absorption of other plant foods. They’re easily integrated into any diet. And, when added to a smoothie, they create a velvety smooth texture with a flavor that is hardly noticeable, making them a great addition to any.


Smoothie Making

The yogurt parfaits feature an array of immune-boosting ingredients. Where do you source the honeycomb and what benefits does it offer?

Our honeycomb is sourced locally and has medicinal properties. Honeycomb is ultimately honey in its rawest form encased in a natural wax. The wax itself contains vitamins and has been proven beneficial for oral health and is recommended to those with periodontitis and gum bleeding. The raw honey within the hexagonal wax contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties while it soothes the throat, heals wounds, aids digestion and relieves allergies. Not to mention – it’s delicious!



What is your favorite item on the menu?

Anything espresso! Coffee was the first specialty victual I ever indulged in and then learned to create. Now, I’m a perfectionist with the desire to make the perfect concoction. My personal favorite is a perfect shot of espresso or a soy milk latte.



What would be your next addition to the menu?

I would like to get into more unique ingredients and begin to incorporate more spices and vegetables into our juices and smoothies. Certain foods such as beet, ginger, and turmeric are intimidating in flavor yet revolutionary for our health. I want to open people’s eyes and palates to the world of health that naturally surrounds them.


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