Victory Ranch Member Spotlight: The Watson Family

Watson Family

Hailing from Vero Beach, Florida is the Watson family—our beloved members who were amongst the first few to take advantage of The Residence Club and purchase a lot at Victory Ranch. And while the family of four loves escaping the Florida heat in the warmer months, each Utah season has stolen their hearts. Whether they’re hitting the slopes in the winter or hunting with their two dogs in the summer, the Watson family has found it easy to call Victory Ranch home. Below, get a glimpse of our latest member spotlight on Jennifer Watson.

Where are you from? Where is your primary residence?
Chip grew up outside of Nashville, but has been in Vero Beach, Florida for the last 15 years. I [Jennifer] am a 3rd generation Vero Beach native.

Do you have kids? Have they made it out to Victory Ranch?
We have two kids: Jackson (14) and Mary Kathryn (12). They love coming to Victory Ranch! We also have two four-legged kids: a wirehaired Pointing Griffon (Zoe) and a Pomeranian/Poodle rescue (Barry).


Bocce Ball

Pictured: Mary Kathryn, throwing bocce ball

What do you do for a living or what are your hobbies? Interests?
We are both retired. Chip keeps busy playing tennis, hunting, training hunting dogs and fishing. I serve on the board of several nonprofit organizations and enjoy tennis and fitness.

How did you first hear about Victory Ranch, and what was your first impression upon visiting?
We heard about Victory Ranch from Caren McClelland, who is on the sales team. She’s a college friend of mine and tried for a couple of years to get us out to Victory Ranch to look. We weren’t really considering buying property or joining, but after our tour, we knew that we had to become a part of the Ranch.


Watson Family with Friends

Pictured, left to right: Chip and Jen Watson with Caren and Scott McClelland

Which real estate opportunity did you purchase on property?
We actually took advantage of two opportunities. We joined the Residence Club and also bought a lot. Our idea is to enjoy the Residence Club in the immediate future and plan to build on our lot down the road.

How familiar were you already with the Deer Valley/Park City area?
We have enjoyed skiing and snowboarding at Park City the last few years. This past summer we took the opportunity to stay in the area for a full month, and really fell in love with that time of year at Victory Ranch. It’s really hot in Vero Beach during the summer, and Victory Ranch is the perfect place to escape the heat.

What about the staff at Victory Ranch?
The staff we have met is all top-notch. They’ve taken time to get to know us, and there’s a very familial feel in all of our interactions.

What do you look forward to most now that you are a member at Victory Ranch?
Chip is very excited to hike with the dogs in the summer, and hunt chukar, huns and grouse in the fall and winter. I’m excited about the fitness offerings in the gym. And, of course, the whole family loves to get on the slopes in the winter!

Are there activities you haven’t done before and look forward to trying now at Victory Ranch?
Upland hunting out west was a new one for Chip. He spends a great deal of time hunting waterfowl, bobwhite quail and snipe here in Florida during the fall and winter, but he’s excited to chase some new species at Victory Ranch and the surrounding areas.


Watson Family

It’s wintertime at Victory Ranch. What activities are enjoying the most now?
Snow skiing, snowboarding and chasing birds behind Harley’s French Brittany Spaniels.

What’s your favorite season at the Ranch and why?
We aren’t sure yet—we love them all! But, if I had to pick, I might say summer. It’s a nice time of year to escape the oppressive Florida heat and humidity.

What’s the best meal you have eaten at the Ranch?
All of them! We haven’t had a bad dining experience. One meal that stands out is the Traeger smoked pheasant at Freestone. I love anything smoked, but the pheasant was outstanding.

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