Signature Comfort Foods from The Freestone Lodge

The temperatures are cooling and, as you settle into the pleasantries of mountain living, it’s only natural to seek comfort both within the home and beyond. A source of abundant comfort amidst Victory Ranch is The Freestone Lodge, a contemporary restaurant marked by its rustic chic decor and signature dishes. The space itself inspires not only through its interiors, but the adjacent al fresco dining space set amidst wood-burning fire pits—the ideal space to take in a crisp evening.

Classifying their menu as Farm to Freestone, Victory Ranch Executive Chef Adam Price takes pride in each item they serve—especially the comfort foods that have become a signature staple of life at Victory Ranch.


House cured bacon, half pound ground chuck, jalapeño cherry preserve, hand cut fries and a brioche bun.

For burger connoisseurs this is a truly satisfying experience. Chef Adam utilizes unusual flavors to enhance those of the grade-A meat. The mild heat mixes with the buttery bun and perfectly salted fries for a meal you’ll be thinking about until your next visit.


24-ounce bone-in Tomahawk with herb compound butter.

It’s only fitting to indulge in a delicious steak when you’re home on the ranch. This 24-ounce bone-in cowboy ribeye arrives at your table giving off intoxicating scents. Grilled to perfection and served with a delectable herb compound butter, this steak far exceeds expectations in flavor, texture and overall experience. If it’s hearty and flavorful you’re after, this is it.


Topped with a pickled cucumber relish.

Healthy is far from flavorless at Freestone Lodge. Chef Adam transforms the average salmon filet into a work of art and a seasonal wonder. Citrus flavors come through, blending to perfection with delicious green veggies and roasted potatoes. The pickled cucumber relish takes this dish to new heights leaving you satisfied and well-nourished.


Mint, garlic, citrus zest, sautéed vegetable medley and chipotle mashed potatoes.

Look to a host of spices, citrus zest, fresh herbs and garlic to please your palette, a tasty medley you’ll find in the Chimichurri Lamb Chops at Freestone Lodge. A fresh twist on a traditional dish, Chef Adam blends seasonal ingredients to deliver a unique and tasty dish. Sitting atop a bed of garden-fresh sautéed veggies and chipotle mashed potatoes, this ingredient mash-up is unexpected, but welcomed and more than satisfying.


Organic 8-ounce butcher’s cut with blackberry “buzzed” demi.

No two steaks are created equal and that’s how Chef Adam arrived at the Steak Bavette. A delicate 8-ounce organic butcher’s cut, this perfect piece of meat is grilled to a perfect buttery texture and served over house-made mashed potatoes and veggies. But what sets it apart is the blackberry ‘buzzed’ glaze, bursting with flavor and transforming each bite into something special. Pair it with a glass of red and you may feel like this comforting dish changed your life.


Everyone knows the ultimate comfort food is cookies and milk, but here to take this tradition to the next level is Freestone Lodge, with its warm skillet cookie topped with ice cream and chocolate drizzle. Park it by the fire and experience this warm indulgence.

Find the full Freestone Lodge menu here.

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