Redefining the Warming Hut Tradition at Victory Ranch

The Warming Hut

What’s the difference between a good paddle tennis pavilion and a truly great one? Any player will admit it has nothing to do with the courts themselves—more often than not, it’s the warming hut. And, at Victory Ranch, ours stands out in the crowd with indoor-outdoor living spaces, rustic chic interiors and top-tier food and beverage service. Below, get a glimpse of the classic warming hut traditions and how we’re stepping it up a notch at The Barn.

The Warming Hut Tradition

While competition can undoubtedly get heated during paddle tennis, it’s a social sport by nature. As such, a warming hut serves more than just the one purpose of, quite literally, keeping players warm. In fact, it’s traditionally where players join one another before and after matches, and often in between, for drinks and conversation. And, of course, those who aren’t playing can kick back and relax while watching the game in a warm environment during the cooler months. Paddle tennis, however, is a four season sport, so the warming hut certainly plays the role of a social outpost rather than its literal epithet during the spring and summer.


The Warming Hut

The Warming Hut at Victory Ranch

At Victory Ranch, we’ve set an entirely new benchmark for classic warming hut traditions. Beautifully and thoughtfully designed by Karen Herold and Alicia Kelly of Studio K, the Warming Hut at The Barn is both contemporary and rustic, complete with layered and curated pieces to evoke authenticity and avoid newness. The duo sourced items from over 15 furniture outposts for the Warming Hut, resulting in a vibe that’s both cozy and timelessly stylish.


The Warming Hut

Here, whether you’re a player or not, one can relax beside the indoor or outdoor grand fireplace, lounge while watching TV or even order food and drinks from The Parlor via the Warming Hut’s vintage rotary phone. Here, traditions are being entirely redefined. Victory Ranch members use the Warming Hut as a place to retreat for a drink before, during and after matches; a place to spend romantic evenings fireside; and, yes, during the winter, a place to keep luxuriously warm.


The Warming Hut

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