The Outfitters Store at The Post – Premium Gear for All Your Adventures

Whether you’re heading out to fish the river, shoot clays at the 5-Stand, hike along the Kamloop Trail or get your Namaste on in a yoga class, our new Outfitters Store at The Post has you covered from head to toe. We spoke with one of our top outfitters guides, Harley Jackson, to discuss this exciting new, fully-stocked retail shop, which features all you’d ever need to enjoy a day of adventure at Victory Ranch and beyond.

How would you sum up the Outfitters Store? Is the main goal to carry high quality gear that can be used specifically at Victory Ranch?

unspecified-26The goal of the Outfitters Store is to stock high quality gear for the high quality outdoor experiences we have at Victory Ranch. We have everything you need to shred the bike trail, catch a fish on the ponds or river, or simply relax and enjoy nature on the back patio of your home.

How are you curating the gear you carry? Is it gear you and the Outfitters Team have personally tested yourselves?

The Outfitters Team tests nearly everything we have in the store every single day. We all either ride, hunt or fish, and most of us, do all of the above. We have it covered.

What are some of the brands you carry?

We proudly carry Patagonia technical apparel for fly fishing, skiing, hiking, hunting and shooting. For fishing, we also have Simms, SA, Umpqua, Montana Fly Co., Buff, Hatch, Able, Ross, Trouthunter and Rising. For mountain biking, we carry Club Ride, Troy Lee and DaKine. Some of the top mountain biking brands that make excellent technical gear that’s also stylish. For skiing, we carry DaKine in addition to Patagonia. We have premium Filson outerwear and gear, and for shooting, hunting and hiking, we have Kuhl and Bogg. Finally, for yoga and leisure, we have a great range of Alp-n-Rock, Prana and Manduka apparel and gear.

What are some of the more popular items with members/guests?

Popular items right now are the Patagonia Down Sweaters and Nano Puff jackets and vests. Simms Jackets sell very well, and Buffs are always a hot item.

For a novice angler, it can be intimidating selecting the right flies. How does the team there work with members/guests to select the right gear?

There is always someone in the shop who is very knowledgeable of the flies needed for the Ranch and surrounding areas. I personally have 20 plus years of buying flies. All hatches and imitations are represented in a beautiful centerpiece display, where customers can spend time going over the great selection we have to fool fish big and small. Members are encouraged to ask questions, and with a knowledgeable staff, we are happy to help and provide answers.

unspecified-27When you walk into the store, it’s hard to not notice the beautiful Fat Bikes up on the wall. Are they for sale?

We do offer Fat Bikes for sale. Fat Bikes are great for an early morning ride on the trails or a family cruise through the backcountry. These bikes are gaining popularity fast.

Does the Outfitters team offer any service work, like bike tune-ups? Repairs? Fly tying/making?

We offer service work on fly reels, putting a new fly line on or helping tying a leader. We also offer fly tying classes periodically throughout the year as well as private tying lessons, where members can learn and improve on mastering the skill of fly tying. In addition, we do have the knowledge and tools to fix minor repairs on bikes or provide a tune up.

unspecified-25Is there any particular gear you don’t carry now that you see carrying in the future?

We may eventually offer shotguns, knives, axes and other outdoor equipment. Perhaps some new bike brands as well. It would be great to see a boot company like Danner or Vasque in the store.

Can members order certain gear from brands you carry but may not have in the store at that time (like Bikes, rods/reels?)

Members can order any product offered by the brands we carry. We are glad to do a special order as well.

If you could go on a personal shopping spree in the store, what are some items you would definitely want?

I would buy a Nano air jacket from Patagonia, Tri-Fold wallet from Filson, and a new Winston BIIIX Rod and put a Hatch Fly reel on it with a Sharkwave line from SA.

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