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IMG_4067It didn’t take long for Brett and Libby Hansen to decide that Victory Ranch was the place for them. This past February, the couple, along with their 5 and 7-year olds, escaped Los Angeles for a last minute ski getaway to Park City. Five days later, they were selecting their estate homesite at Victory Ranch. What was it about Victory Ranch that had them hooked so quickly? Were they even in the market for a vacation home? And what was the “surprise” amenity that already has them dreaming of their return visit? Find out in our one-on-one conversation with Libby Hansen below.

First, tell us how did you discover Victory Ranch?  

Libby Hansen: Our best friends, Ben & Tracy Samek, visited Park City over the Christmas 2015 holiday, and they had such an incredible experience that they insisted we join them for a February ski getaway.  Always up for an adventure, we quickly booked a trip during Presidents’ Day weekend. In the days to follow, Brett casually mentioned our trip to one of his colleagues, who coincidentally had already been considering buying land at Victory Ranch. We took his colleague’s advice and decided to meet with Jim (Director of Sales) on the last day of our getaway. Lured by the promise of skeet shooting and riding snowmobiles, the four of us quickly sat down with Jim, and then joined Harley (Outfitters Guide) for some fun. Utah fun.  

Honestly, buying land in Utah was so far from anything we had considered, but after two hours on the Ranch, we were sold. Dare we say, we drank the Kool-Aid! Pressed for time, we headed to the airport thrilled by the possibility of becoming members. Victory Ranch was everything we wanted. A place to bring our family year round. A place our kids’ children could grow-up, enjoying nature, away from the hustle of Los Angeles. Within 24 hours we were on the phone discussing lots with Jim. It was so obvious that Victory Ranch was just what we needed.

VICTORY_RANCH WINTER_JAN-0165 (2)Were you already familiar with the Deer Valley/Park City area? 

LH: We had only visited Deer Valley/Park City once before joining Victory Ranch. Our children are still young, 5 and 7, and skiing has just recently become a family sport. After a day on the Utah slopes, we knew local California mountains weren’t going to cut it.

What was it about Victory Ranch that made it the right place for you and your family?

LH: I’m not sure what is says about us, but Victory Ranch was all we needed to see before buying in Utah. Clearly Victory Ranch exceeded all of our expectations. The property is so incredibly dynamic. We’ve yet to come close to exploring all 6,700 acres of Victory Ranch. The land is so spectacular but the views and the open space are what truly sold us. We know Victory Ranch has a lot of growing still to come, but knowing the current developers have capped the number of homes on the property is key.

VR-quoteWere you actively looking for a vacation home?

LH: Over the years we had casually discussed the idea of a vacation home. I mean, who doesn’t visit a great location and not consider the possibilities of what it would take to live there? But nothing really fit the bill before Victory Ranch. Victory Ranch is so easy to get to from L.A. The flights are frequent and reasonable.  

What do you look forward to most now that you are a member at Victory Ranch?

LH: Everything! We’ve now truly only spent 5 days at Victory Ranch with our family over Spring Break, but we’re coming back over 4th of July and can’t wait! We are so excited to experience Victory Ranch during the warmer months and create special family traditions. Watch out Harley and Andrea, here we come!  Then of course we’re already discussing Thanksgiving on the Ranch. Our children claimed it was our best family vacation ever. Yes, ever. And we’ve only just begun. We can’t wait till Victory Ranch feels like a second home.

How important to you was the direct access Victory Ranch offers to Park City with its ski-in/ski-out clubhouse 875 Main,

LH: Simply put, 875 Main is a game changer for our family. Have you ever skied with 2 young children? It’s exhausting! After dressing the kids, loading the car, parking the car and carrying the gear – it’s about all two able bodied parents can handle. 875 Main is a genius idea! Now we can take a shuttle from the Ranch and be on the slopes within minutes. I’m not saying we counted, but there are approximately 10 steps from 875 to the ski lift (ok, so we counted).

IMG_7207How do you like to spend your time in Park City?

LH: Park City has it all. You can do as much, or as little as you want, in a beautiful city with friendly people and top notch amenities. Honestly, we’d never skied in such a picturesque location. Main Street offers it all. It’s not your typical ski town littered with tacky t-shirt shops. There are top notch galleries, exceptionally stylized home good shops and an awesome selection of restaurants. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, gourmet Mexican food, a great steak, the bar scene or a dive bar, you can find it and then some. We spend equal time skiing, shopping and eating in Park City.

Is there an amenity or activity at Victory Ranch that you’re particularly fond of? 

LH: While our children can’t get enough of the free frozen yogurt, we fell in love with the river picnic area. Such a special surprise after a short walk, we foresee many lazy days ahead at this spectacular location.

The backcountry at Victory Ranch is truly special. How would you sum up that first time you crested that hill in the backcountry and saw all that land that will remain untouched for generations to come?

LH: The amazing back country. It feels like a dream come true that we get to enjoy this land for years to come. We were completely unprepared for how touched we would be by this beautiful landscape. It was breathtaking the first time. It was breathtaking the second time. And there’s no doubt it will continue to take our breath away in the days, months and years to come. We feel so lucky to have stumbled across this magical land.  

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