Member Spotlight: The Grubbs


We continue our Member Spotlight series with the Grubbs family from Newport Beach, California. Members since 2015, Mike and Peggy made their decision to purchase at Victory Ranch shortly after a bike ride through the Victory Ranch backcountry and an afternoon fly-fishing along the Upper Provo. Mike, a developer in Southern California, and Peggy, an avid photographer, have three children and two grandchildren. The adventurous family own a Cottonwood Cabin Home and a homesite in the Golden Eagle Estates, and can be found regularly biking, snowshoeing and hiking across the Victory Ranch landscape.

“It was like a giant adult playground for us, and we left our first visit with a deposit placed on a lot.”

In our one-on-one conversation with the Grubbs, they share with us why they sometimes need a “vacation” after spending time at the Ranch and what they’ve been doing this winter for our new unofficial mascot “Sammie the Sheep.”

How did you first hear about Victory Ranch, and what was your first impression upon visiting?

Mike Grubbs: We had been looking at properties in Jackson Hole, Colorado and Montana. We had spent a lot of time in Utah in the winters and loved the ease of access from California. We were searching the internet for properties with certain amenities in several states and came across Victory Ranch. The more we reviewed the website and watched the videos, we felt like it provided all of the amenities we were looking for.

unnamed-2Our first visit was in July 2015 and we were hooked from the very beginning. We went bike riding, fishing and enjoyed the backcountry. It was like a giant adult playground for us, and we left our first visit with a deposit placed on a lot. Subsequently, we have also purchased a cabin so we can continue to enjoy the Ranch as we take the time to build our house.

What has your experience been like with the staff?

MG: One of the most valuable assets at Victory Ranch is the tremendous staff. They all feel like family to both of us and make us feel special and welcome every time we are on property.

When we walk into The Post, the Freestone Lodge or 875 Main, the staff always welcomes us with the warmest greetings. We spend a lot of time with all of the Outfitters, and their professionalism and true passion for the Ranch motivates us to stay active and do as much as we can each time we are on property.

All the staff at the Lodge take care of everything we ever need or request. They prepare the most wonderful dishes and are always accommodating for Peggy’s food allergies. Peggy would also like a shout out to Lou and his fish dishes (especially for someone who doesn’t eat fish); they are amazing.

VRC_November_29_2015_Zack_Fat_Bike_2What do you look forward to most as members of Victory Ranch?

MG: Spending more time on the Ranch! We enjoy exploring the backcountry and everything it has to offer. From mountain biking, to snowshoeing, to skeet shooting at the Five Stand. It is such a relaxing atmosphere for us compared to our hectic busy life in Newport Beach, California.

Are there activities you haven’t done before and look forward to trying now at Victory Ranch?

MG: Honestly, I don’t think there is any activity we haven’t done! We go home to rest and sometimes we need a “vacation” after we leave Victory Ranch. We try to spend our days participating in all of the various activities that the Ranch has to offer. We keep ourselves busy during the day, and then end the day with a great meal at the Lodge, including maybe a glass of wine, or two…or more.

It’s wintertime at Victory Ranch. What activities are enjoying the most now?

winter-yurt-8MG: We enjoy skiing and using the facilities at 875 Main. We will go snowshoeing on the Kamloop Trail to pack it down after a big snow storm. The next day we will go fat tire biking. We recently went snowmobiling, a long snowshoe hike and a little powder boarding. We just want to be outside enjoying the environment.

We also have been very interested in saving “Sammie” the sheep who was born here in the spring and has survived these recent winter storms. We either snowshoe or bike ride out to her frequently. She is hanging out on the Kamloop Trail near Lady Long. We will take her some food during these cold snowy days. She eats celery, carrots and apples. She has become the mascot for Victory Ranch! (See video below)

What’s your favorite season at the Ranch and why?

MG: Peggy’s favorite season is winter. The ranch is so peaceful and beautiful covered in snow. I enjoy all the seasons because of what each season brings and the different activities that come with the change in the weather.

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