How to Sustain Wild Trout & Kokanee Salmon Populations Along the Upper Provo River

At Victory Ranch, we are perpetually dedicated to sustaining the natural world in which we reside. The Conservancy in particular, designed to protect our native ecosystems, is responsible for wilderness preservation and, perhaps more currently poignant, the maintenance of wild fish stock.

Fall is in the air at Victory Ranch, which entails cooler nights and an overall pattern of decreased average daytime temperatures and this change in weather gives rise to a fruitful spawning season amongst the Upper Provo.

About the Kokanee Salmon

Taking residence within the Upper Provo is the beautiful Kokanee salmon species, recognized by a black head and skin that turns bright red prior to spawning. After nearly a year of discussions amongst fishery biologists, devoted anglers and local citizens, the Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) stocked nearly 50,000 Kokanee into the river in April 2016. While not indigenous to this specific watershed, the DWR felt the salmon would generate a substantial nutrient base and further enhance the existing trout fishery.

As the water temperature cools, the Kokanee spawn and, subsequent to reproduction, expire: a semelparous process that enriches the water and allows nature to run its course. According to the DWR, it has been found that Kokanee stocked in or near streams have a better chance at survival, yet these fish will spend the majority of their life cycle in the Jordanelle Reservoir. We ask that you fish both thoughtfully and meaningfully so as not to tamper with the spawning of a species so integral to the river’s health.

Watch the Time

The Victory Ranch Outfitters Team requests that all anglers restrict fishing on the river to a maximum of four hours. This limitation will reduce overall pressure on the fishery and ensure that our brown trout and Kokanee salmon experience a successful spawn, which will likewise benefit future generations of anglers.

Foot Placement

While fishing this time of year, examine your location to make certain that you are not in trout habitat. Brown trout will typically reproduce in areas where water is highly oxygenated, typically in moving water at a depth of 12-24 inches, and gravel is suitable for spawning beds or nests, often referred to as redds. Such redds are fairly easy to recognize, marked where rocks are generally cleaner than those surrounding them, but if you are at all unsure, please ask an Outfitter to help you identify.

Proper Catch & Release

Take precautions while catching and releasing all trout by wetting your hands before touching the fish and keeping it wet inside the basket of the net while removing your de-barbed hook. If you wish to take a photo, please kneel down and hold the trout with a portion of its body touching the water; or, have another angler hold the net underneath the fish. Never drag your catch onto rocks for any reason.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping protect this special natural resource. The Victory Ranch model of long term sustainability is made possible by its residents. Your diligence is crucial to our conservation efforts.

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