Introducing Two New Single Track Trails in the Victory Ranch Backcountry

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The Outfitter team is excited to announce six miles of newly constructed single track trails in the Victory Ranch Backcountry. The two new tracks, Ring Mine Trail and Wild Ruffy Trail, were constructed by one of the top trail builders in the United States, Sagebrush Trails & Services. Both trails will take you through remote areas of the backcountry, along springs, through rolling hills of big mountain sage and dense aspen and maple forests.

With more than 50 miles of connecting trails to enjoy stunning views, abundant wildlife, native plants and the sounds of the backcountry, the voyage makes for an exceptional place to enjoy the outdoors.

Wild Ruffy Trail was named for the abundant ruffed grouse found in this area of Victory Ranch. The trail is classified as an advanced mountain biking trail as it contains strenuous climbs, fast flowing descents and steep switchbacks, and it features a few technical obstacles. The trail runs along the southern end of Victory Ranch, connects to Wolf Creek Ranch on the eastern end and Coyote Canyon on the Western end, near Double Barrel. The lower section (western end) runs through open sage country while the top end connects towards Wolf Creek Ranch, providing ample shade as it winds its way through the thick aspen and maple forests.

Ring Mine Trail was named for the mine that was constructed in 1893 and located in that area. Ring Mine’s ore of interest was gold, however, because it was not able to produce an abundant amount, it was abandoned sometime in the late 1970s or early 80s. Although the the mine entrance has been covered from erosion and vegetation, along with extensive clean up by Victory Ranch, it is still possible to find remnants of its existence in the form of old nails, wood, glass and wire. Ring Mine’s trailhead is located next the Bugle Inn Pond between Lower and Upper Kamloop Trails. The Ring Mine trail is an intermediate trail that connects to Wild Ruffy Trail as it winds it way through densely forested areas up Webb and Wallow Hollow.

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