Here’s to the Dads: Father’s Day at the Ranch

With more than 6,000 acres of prime real estate, Victory Ranch is poised to be whatever you need it to be at any given time. A setting for solace, a center for celebration, a backdrop for bonding. With Father’s Day quickly approaching, our residents and members are looking to commemorate the holiday without venturing too far from home. Here are some ideas for celebrating Father’s Day with the father or father-figure in your life at Victory Ranch.

Father’s Day with the foodie…

You’re looking to spend this Father’s Day soaking up the finer things in life: good food and good company. This dad is looking to satiate his taste buds with food and drinks (that someone else prepared) this holiday. Treat him to seasonal dishes and craft cocktails at the Freestone Lodge or venture into town and check out the five-star dining experiences on Main Street in Park City

Father’s Day with the outdoorsman…

This dad needs to get out and do something this Father’s Day. Take advantage of the untapped wilderness available at Victory Ranch and get your adventure on. Consider paddleboarding on Stony Lake or heading out for a day of mountain biking along the Kamloop Trail. A planned outdoor activity with the ones he loves is sure to appease.

Father’s Day with the nature lover… 

In contrast to the outdoorsman, this father simply just wants to appreciate nature in any form. He might be up for a long, leisurely hike around the Wasatch—keeping eyes and ears peeled for birds, blooming plants and other wildlife. Or he might be into a yurt camping trip—taking note of the sounds and sights of the wilderness as you sit around a campfire or take a stroll along the river.

Father’s Day with the family man…

This dad truly doesn’t care how you spend the day—as long as it’s with the ones he loves. For this dad, you might consider a cozy day at home on the Ranch. Bust out the board games, fire up the grill, gather the ingredients for a fire on the deck, order your favorite food for takeout—the possibilities are endless. 

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