Greg Stephens’ April Golf Tips

Greg Stephens Victory Ranch Golf Course

By Greg Stephens, Director of Golf

With the winter season drawing to a close, it’s almost time to put away the skis and get out the golf clubs! This is one of my favorite times of the year as I really enjoy preparing for the upcoming season. I’d like all of you to get off on the right foot so here are some keys to help you do that. Driving the ball well off of the tee is essential on our golf course. Here are a few things I’d like you to think about:


1. Create a Solid Base

  • Greg Stephens Victory Ranch Golf CourseGet in an athletic address position with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Have a little bit of flex in your knees and bend from your hips.
  • Let your arms hang naturally underneath your shoulders when you grip the club.

2. Get Into a Good Position at the Top

  • Maintain a little flex in your right knee (Right-Handed golfer) throughout your backswing. This will help keep you in an athletic position and will help prevent too much lateral movement in your swing.
  • Make a good turn with your shoulders. Try to feel your back pointing to the target at the top of your swing.

3. Take Control of Your Downswing

  • Think of solid contact as opposed to trying to hit the ball hard. Hitting the ball on the sweet spot is one of the greatest keys to combining distance and accuracy.
  • Let your swing gradually accelerate throughout the downswing all the way to the finish, don’t try to swing hard from the top.

4. Hold That Finish

  • Balance is everything in the golf swing. Do your best to hold your finish without losing your balance.
  • A great drill to practice when you’re on the driving range is to hit balls and hold your finish until the ball hits the ground. When that gets easy try holding your finish with your eyes closed.


Greg joined the Victory Ranch team in January of 2013 to oversee Victory Ranch Club operations. Prior to joining Victory Ranch, Greg spent eight years as a PGA Golf Professional at neighboring Tuhaye. Greg has extensive experience working with high-end private clubs including Isleworth Country Club in Winderemere, Florida. With a passion for golf, the outdoors, and winter sports, Greg is at home in the Park City area and takes great pride in providing excellent service to Victory Ranch’s members and their guests.

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