Gear Check: Prepping for Mountain Biking Season at Victory Ranch


With mountain biking season underway at Victory Ranch and 20 miles of backcountry trails to explore, our expert Outfitters staff shares pointers to ensure your gear is in peak condition.

Wheels and Tires
The wheels are an excellent place to start when tuning up a bike. First, check to make sure they are tightly secured to the bike frame and fork. Look at the tires and inspect for any damage to the sidewalls and tread. Check your tire pressure, and inflate to proper tire specifications, if necessary. Slowly spin the wheel to see if it is bent, and listen to hear if your brake pads are rubbing. If it has a wobble, dips up and down or you hear rubbing, you will need to tune the wheel.

Chain and Derailleurs
Start by inspecting the chain. Look for any kinks or stiff links. Clean any excessive dirt or rust off the chain, then apply lubricant. Check the tension to make sure it’s not too tight or loose. Check your derailleurs and cables by shifting through gears while spinning the cranks. If it’s not shifting smoothly, or skips gears, you will need a tune-up here as well.

Brakes and Shifters
Inspect your brakes levers and shifters. Make sure they are secure to the handlebars. Then, check your brake calipers for proper alignment and your brake pads for wear. Replace the pads if they are worn out. Make sure brake rotors or the wheel’s rim do not rub on the brake pads when the wheel spins.

Frame and Cockpit
Examine your frame for damage such as dents, cracks and excessive chain or cable rub. Check that the headset, stem, and handlebars are secured properly and not damaged. Also ensure the seatpost and saddle are secured properly and not damaged.

A properly tuned bike will make for a much more enjoyable ride. The Victory Ranch Outfitters assist with tune-ups and provide top-of-the-line complimentary gear from our bike barn, including full-suspension adult BMC and Giant mountain bikes as well as Giant mountain bikes for kids. The Outfitters team leads Victory Ranch members on guided excursions in the backcountry on our expertly groomed mountain biking trails.

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