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With spring just around the corner at Victory Ranch, members are gearing for a season of incredible outdoor adventure. As the weather warms and the backcountry begins to bloom, you’ll find us hiking, running, biking, fishing, shooting and more. But, none of this can be done without the proper fuel. That’s where the JuiceBar comes in. Before a day of adventure, head to The Barn for a energy-boosting juice or smoothie to keep you fueled.


According to the JuiceBar’s chef Bayley Ellis, the Glow juice is perfect before a workout as it’s full of beets, proven to increase oxygenation in the blood and boost performance. The Green Machine smoothie is also a perfect choice. This creamy concoction contains pineapple, a high glycemic index food, and spinach, a low glycemic food, which will boost blood sugar levels and provide fuel for the most challenging adventure. Bayley also suggests adding spirulina and matcha to smoothies before a morning workout.


Green Smoothie


After a full day of exploration, opt for the Monkey smoothie, complete with banana, almond milk, protein, almond butter and cinnamon. Or, simply add protein, matcha, flax and/or chia seeds to any smoothie of choice. Matcha, a type green tea, is alkalizing, detoxifying, energizing and rejuvenating. The key to post workout nutrition is protein and carbohydrates. Alongside some of the additions Bayley recommended for pre-workout drinks are goji berries and maca, both of which boast their own nutritional benefits.


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And, when you want to take your nutritional intake to the next level, consider adding organic Matcha or Spirulina. Matcha will boost the metabolism, burn calories, aid concentration and acts as a mood enhancer. Spirulina provides a near instantaneous boost of energy and is a complete non-animal source of protein.

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