Fat Bikes and the Never Ending Mountain Biking Season


VRC_November_29_2015_Zack_Fat_Bike_1 (1)One of the biggest innovations in mountain biking over the last few years is the introduction of the fat bike. These fun-to-ride bikes feature oversized tires designed for low ground pressure, thus, providing riders a smooth ride over rough or unstable terrain such as snow and sand. At first glance, these bikes look like a mutant bicycle; even comical. But rest assured, these bikes are no joke and offer a great way to view wildlife and enjoy a unique experience in the backcountry at Victory Ranch all winter long.

Many people new to the sport of mountain biking are amazed to learn that fat bikes are something you can enjoy all year round. While fat biking on snow is generally much slower than riding dry trails, the lower friction and alien texture of snow — when conditions are good — replicate the sensation of shredding dirt trails at full speed and put a new spin into the mountain biking experience. Ripping through the snow is a blast, and the bikes allow you to ride in places you thought you would never be able to ride a bike. Besides snow-covered trails, they are also great in dirt and make riding over rocks and branches so easy. With their ability to “float on dirt,” they can actually cause less damage to our trails.

To fully enjoy your fat biking experience, make sure one of our Outfitters adjusts your tire pressure accordingly. Tire pressure for fat bikes is much lower than a normal mountain bike, and in softer snow conditions, most people will run anywhere from 4 psi to 8 psi. Just as any sport, weather conditions may play a big part in the riding experience, and snow conditions or temperatures may make the riding virtually impossible, so always check with our staff before heading out.

The next time you’re at Victory Ranch, be sure to give one of our complimentary fat bikes a spin, or if you’re interested in purchasing your own, we can assist you in picking out the right one for you. These stable, all-season bikes open up all sorts of new rideable terrain for you at Victory Ranch come wintertime and are fun for any level of mountain bike rider.

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