Camp Cocktail: Chef Adam’s Blueberry Mojito Summer Smash

When it comes to camping, packing lists are usually equipped with the essentials: granola bars, beef jerky, trail mix, instant coffee and the like. This year, a few new items should make the list: bourbon, mint leaves, lemon and … NUUN tablets?

That’s right, NUUN.

Victory Ranch’s Executive Chef Adam Price recently shared with Matador Network his Blueberry Mojito Summer Smash, an elevated camping cocktail to sip on while grilling out in the backcountry, and he revealed to them how he improvises with his favorite electrolyte hydration tablets for a little extra flavor and nutrition.

So, here’s what you do, per Chef Adam. Pack blueberries or pick them as you go if you’re in an area with the wild variety — just make sure you bring an identification book; eating mystery berries is never a good idea. Now, find a stream to cool your bourbon in. Tear mint leaves and place them in your cup. Drop the blueberries in and — if not already somewhat squashed — crush them with your camping spork. Add your bourbon, water, and NUUN tablet, and stir while the tablet dissolves. Voilà. Your cocktail is ready for you to enjoy by the fire.


1 small fistful of blueberries (Chef Adam says not to worry if they get squashed in your pack as you hike. “Think of it as pre-muddling.”)
2-3 fresh mint leaves
1.5 ounces bourbon
Splash of water
½ of a lemon + lime NUUN tablet

Read the full Matador Network article here.

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