Columbia Spotted Frog Update: Egg Masses Released

unnamed-1At Victory Ranch, we remain dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of our surroundings. The Conservancy at Victory Ranch is responsible for the stewardship of our local flora and fauna, taking an active role in the protection and restoration of Utah’s biodiversity. Recently, The Conservancy teamed up with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources on their Head Start program, building a number of frog ponds in prime Spotted Frog habitat to serve as protected nurseries for frog eggs and tadpoles.

Victory Ranch is now proud to announce that we have taken the first major steps toward reinvigorating this species of frog, which has been petitioned to list under the Endangered Species Act. After being delicately extracted from mitigation ponds below the Jordanelle Reservoir, seven Columbia Spotted Frog egg masses were released into frog cages built by our Outfitters team. Each mass of 500 eggs was placed in its own cage, a precaution that will protect the eggs and tadpoles from predation and displacement during their maturation.

Our two frog ponds were built for just this purpose, designed to give the frogs a head start. Tadpoles will be fed and cared for once they hatch, in an effort to maximize the surviving population. The egg clutches have been carefully placed, optimized for sun exposure, depth, and other environmental conditions. Outcomes are uncertain, as Victory Ranch is the first private development ever to attempt this type of program, but we have been told the egg masses are fairly hardy. Within just a week or so, the eggs should hatch into hundreds of tadpoles.

Our conservation programs aim to preserve the wilderness that thrives in our 6,700 acres of untouched backcountry so the land can be enjoyed for generations to come. Read more about The Conservancy at Victory Ranch, here.

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