Director of Activities Kathy Carr to Lead New Creativity Hub at Victory Ranch

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Victory Ranch team member Kathy Carr has set out on a mission to develop a valuable Arts & Crafts Studio at our newest resident amenity: The Barn. Born in Long Beach, California, but a long time Utah resident, mother of four and new grandma, Carr has devoted her life to understanding people. She arrives at this new venture with an advanced degree in Child and Family Studies/Psychology as well as experience serving as a Program Director for over 25 years. Carr has found fulfillment in working within a wealth of organizations, including private clubs and in the public school system.

At Victory Ranch, Carr plans to host “nature based activities that bring families together.” Inspired by the Victory Ranch landscape, she has set out to help residents create lasting memories rooted in the beauty of nature and in a comfortable setting. And, we must admit, her plans and vision are grand—all while “gathering people together, naturally,” as she puts it.

What types of activities can Victory Ranch residents expect at The Barn’s Arts & Craft Studio?

Adults will enjoy Wine and Paint nights, knitting clinics, Fine arts and outdoor Plein Air experiences. While, children and youth will have the opportunity to learn the basics of painting, participate in craft experiences and really expand their nature and science knowledge and experiences.



Will there be any adult events or just for kids?

Yes. Multi generational activities inside and outside of the Barn Atmosphere.

How do people of all ages benefit from arts & crafts?

Freedom of expression is a key factor in wellness. Being able to create and complete a “masterpiece” is its own reward. The benefits of taking time to disconnect and connect with the arts helps all age groups to find stress relief, opportunities to socialize with like-minded individuals and have a creative component in the life designed for further growth and development .

How is The Barn and Victory Ranch as a whole, the perfect setting for artistic inspiration?

The Barn, with its inviting, rustic setting has set the stage for the perfect gathering place for families. With its natural sunlit rooms, comfy corners and large art area, there is room for a multitude of activities to happen at once. The extended outdoor patio and basketball courts are perfect for families to start a pick up games. The paddle tennis courts are well-lit and connected to the warming hut, where family can get comfy and cozy.


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Nature is such a big component of the Victory Ranch experience. How do you bring nature into the arts & craft experience?

Surrounded by the beautiful mountains and valleys, Victory Ranch is home to a variety of trees, bushes and shrubs, wildflowers and wild grasses, all creating the palette of what is natural and neutral. The wildlife is spontaneous and authentic as we cohabitat with these majestic animals. Through hiking, and recreation, we are able to experience firsthand the beauty of the Victory Ranch landscape. And through the arts—like painting, photography and nature studies—we can all learn to appreciate this beautiful place. Finding natural and recycled materials that can be repurposed into a work of art further develops the commitment we have to stewardship of the land.

How does emulating nature encourage us to observe it more?

Like the wings on a bird or the patterns on a toad, when we understand and become connected to anything, it becomes important to us. When you slow down and disconnect and take time to listen and to observe, you become “one” in nature. Finding ways to preserve open space, rivers and streams becomes part of a person’s everyday attitude because their is that connection to nature. Being able to live and breathe fresh air, and to find yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, is what makes coming to Victory Ranch so special.


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What other activities are a staple of the kids’ experience at Victory Ranch?

For kids, a variety of day camps will focus on outdoor experiences, such as Girls in Nature Academy, Habitat Camp, Little Naturalists, Annie Oakley Day and Ranch Adventure Camp. Additionally, Sports Camps will be a year round highlight for kids ages 5 to 12. Other programs include Paws and Claws Camp, K9 Camp, Wildflower Art, Cowboy Camp and Young Explorers Camp. Teens will enjoy night events, special excursions and camps that focus on arts and crafts, challenging and engaging the group in an environment they’ll enjoy. For teens, we’ve also included paddle tennis, swimming, hiking, biking, snowshoes, fishing, soccer and social events with Victory Ranch friends.

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