A Guide to Upland Bird Hunting at Victory Ranch

Bird hunting season is officially upon us, and for Victory Ranch members, this skilled pastime is right in their backyard. Declared an official Commercial Hunting Area by the state of Utah, Victory Ranch hosts an upland bird hunting program—complying with all state and local regulations. Below, learn more about upland bird hunting at Victory Ranch.

What’s Unique About Bird Hunting at Victory Ranch

A club with on-site hunting that is much more than a “sporting club,” Victory Ranch membership also includes our legendary golf course, exclusive access to our private ski lounge in Park City, and much more. While most bird hunting seasons in the area end between October and February, Victory Ranch is able to offer an extended hunting season—running through March 31. 

Additionally, our upland bird hunting program is led by lifelong bird hunter and host of American Gun Dog Harley Jackson. Guns and ammo can be provided for checkout, but members are welcome to bring their own as well.

Birds Found in the Victory Ranch Backcountry

Victory Ranch is home to many sought-after birds during hunting season. Below are some of the commonly spotted birds—some of which do require permits or are otherwise regulated.

Chukar Partridge

Hunting Season: Late-September through mid-February

Permit required: Yes

More commonly known as just “chukar,” these birds are identified by gray backs, wings, and chest with red bill, legs, and feet. They can be found along steep, rocky, semi-arid slopes or finding refuge in low shrubs. 

Ruffed Grouse 

Hunting Season: Early September through late-December

Permit required: Yes

Noted by their short legs and long, fan-shaped tail, Ruffed Grouse are reddish-brown or gray with intricately patterned dark bars and spots.They may be found along forested streams or looking for seeds and insects on the ground. They may form habitats in aspen, alder, willow, or maple trees.

Gray (Hungarian) Partridge 

Hunting Season: Late-September through mid-February

Permit required: Yes

Weighing less than a pound, the Hungarian Partridge is one of the smaller species found at Victory Ranch. These birds are predominantly gray (as the name suggests), with reddish-brown tail feathers, which are easily spotted during flight. They are often found in small groups and are known by their scratchy, squawking noises when in flight.

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