5 Activities That Will Reset Your Body & Mind for 2022

Humans are incredibly resilient beings, but it’s normal to feel worn down after a long and eventful year. But with a new year comes new opportunities to reorient oneself, set resolutions, and give the mind and body a sense of renewal. Since our bodies and minds are connected as one, nourishing one will inevitably benefit the other. Here are five activities you can do right at home to reset and rejuvenate yourself to be ready for the new year.

Reconnect with nature

Initiating the day with a morning nature hike is a perfect starting point for revitalization: it’s physical activity to promote the release of endorphins, an opportunity to get fresh air and an avenue of enjoying the serenity of beautiful sights. The feat of adventure wakes up the body, and the serene change of scene wakes up the mind—bounding around the The Victory Ranch trail system on foot takes you through meadow, grove, and mountain, and among lively flora and fauna. 

Detoxify your body

Giving your body a sense of renewal also involves being mindful of its nourishment. Lucky for Victory Ranch members, there’s a one-stop-shop for hydration and detoxification at The Barn’s JuiceBar. Here, you have a healthy menu of fresh juices and smoothies that flushes out your digestive system, revitalizes dull skin and aids in healthy weight loss. 

Digital spring cleaning

While physical wellness seems intuitive through nutrition and exercise, your emotional and somatic health are actually closely intertwined, so kick off the new year by refreshing your digital life. This includes deleting phone apps you don’t use, decluttering and organizing your emails, clearing out bookmarks you don’t need, and organizing your computer’s files and folders. It takes time and energy to declutter something more abstract, but a well-curated digital space can grant you peace of mind just as much as a clean bedroom does.

Revitalize your body at the spa

Grant yourself the space to wind down with a dedicated self-care evening. Victory Ranch’s Wellness Barn hosts a modern spa facility with massage and facial treatment rooms, men’s and women’s spa showers, lockers and steam rooms. Give your body a sense of reprieve with a skin treatment and a massage, then slip into a meditation in the zen area’s cool and hot tubs. 

Set up a consistent sleep routine

The final and recurring step to resetting your body and mind is a mindful sleep routine. Rather than weekend sleep binges, a consistent sleep schedule is what the body truly craves. Making goals towards an ideal curfew and rising time, indulging in a nightly ritual and putting away digital devices early are all huge factors in getting the rest your mind and body needs on a regular basis. A better night’s sleep boosts immunity, improves emotional health and grants your life a sense of stability to take on your endeavors. 

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