4 Ways to Shape up for Ski Season

Ski Season is just around the corner and anticipation is coming to summit. After all, part of the appeal of the Victory Ranch lifestyle is the nearby world class skiing experience that awaits. As the powder starts to fall— we boast approximately 350 inches per year— the slopes in famous locales like Deer Valley and Park City are covered and the skiing is at its absolute finest. Victory Ranch offers a members-only ski in/ski out lodge, 875 Main, within Park city, which offers a luxurious break from the slopes. The same is true of the Deer Crest Club. But, in order to enjoy the slopes and accommodations, you first need to prepare your body for long days on the mountain.

Jumping on skis after almost a year without training can subject yourself to injuries that could derail your entire winter skiing experience. Shape up today at your nearest fitness center for an injury-free, fun-filled season where you’re skiing at your absolute best.


Yoga is an excellent way to prepare your body for ski season. Many of the poses are intended to increase your flexibility, which is crucial for avoiding injury when skiing. You’ll find increased range of motion as you move through the slopes and in the event that an injury does occur, your new-fangled flexibility can help promote a faster recovery, meaning less time away from the hill. Dynamic warm-up poses range from deep breaths and side bends to chest opening backbends. It’s recommended that you incorporate some deep stretches like those that call for crouching down placing your hands under the back of your heels and standing on them or bending forward and hugging your knees. Stretches like this open up your hips and ultimately make your more agile as you weave down the mountain.

Strength Training

You’re not trying to get the Olympia crown or win a bodybuilding competition, but you do want to build muscle. It’s crucial when hitting the slopes. The purpose of strength training pre-season is that it’ll allow you to improve your ability to keep your skis pointed in the direction you want even in the thickest and deepest snow. Incorporate the basics into your daily workouts. Think squats, box jumps, medicine ball throws, planks and lateral side jumps, which mimic the ski movement.

Aerobic Endurance Activities

A rigorous cardio workout is good for everyone, but it’s especially good pre-ski season. Getting your heart rate up through aerobic endurance activities can prepare you for long (and sometimes strenuous) days on the slope as these types of workouts allow your body to take in and distribute oxygen to your muscles far more efficiently. This is crucial for hanging on the slopes. When it comes to these workouts, you’ll want to schedule at least 30 minutes to an hour, 3 to 5 times a week (feel free to add in your yoga stretches post-cardio). Activities like running 2 – 4 miles, cycling, hiking, swimming and even jumping rope are ideal for getting your heart rate up and giving you the stamina you’ll need to enjoy yourself on the hill for longer periods and avoid fatigue, which can often lead to injury.

Anaerobic Endurance

Just as aerobic activity helps to build stamina, anaerobic helps to build endurances so your muscles can function in the absence of oxygen. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way to go. You’ll have intense periods of effort followed up by rest periods and repeat. All of this will allow you to work harder on the slopes and not push yourself into injury because your body has been trained to build up lactic acid and send it to your muscles longer and harder, thus improving your ski time and lessening the possibility of injury. Look to movements that are easy but effective such as burpees followed by a light jog and repeat.

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