4 Reasons to Buy A Vacation Home at Victory Ranch

While we likely needn’t convince you of Victory Ranch’s unrivaled setting, incomparable amenities and tight-knit community, we can bring to reason the value of owning a vacation home amongst the mountains. Not only does living within Utah’s verdant environment reap countless physical and psychological benefits, but it also presents various opportunities for fiscal and familial prosperity. Get a glimpse below as to how spending your vacation days at Victory Ranch can foster the most valuable and memorable experiences for you and your family.

Benefits of Owning a Vacation Home

Utah is an incredible place to call home, which is not solely by virtue of its remarkable terrain and seasonal draw. In fact, the state has one the strongest economies and most robust real estate markets in the nation. As such, today’s real estate market presents an invaluable opportunity to purchase a second home.

Although owning a vacation property may seem like a luxury, no comfort should come without compensation. While assets temporarily fluctuate, second homes hold more value in the long term, as they are often located in geographically sought-after locales. Therefore, in spite of Victory Ranch’s present renown and territorial acclaim, the appraisal of each home will only increase with time.


While Victory Ranch homeowners boast access to countless adventures and opportunities for exploration just beyond their doorstep, the area in which the community resides is second to none. Located just minutes from Park City and Deer Valley, Victory Ranch offers a setting both secluded yet wholly convenient. Whether you wish to ski amongst the most legendary slopes in Utah, dine at five-star eateries or explore a rich culture of arts and music, Victory Ranch members have everything they need and more within easy reach.

Connecting Kids with Nature

Perhaps one of the most significant reasons to invest in a mountain home at Victory Ranch is the invaluable impact that nature has upon children. Countless studies reveal that a child’s physical, emotional and social health are highly dependent upon his or her exposure to the natural world.

In an age in which technology tends to consume our daily lives and foster unrealistic, negative perceptions of both ourselves and others, it has grown increasingly important to disclose to children the beauty of exploration and curiosity amongst the outdoors. When a child is placed in a natural setting, not only does his/her physical activity increase, but academic performance, social relations, self-discipline, nutrition, eyesight and creativity are dramatically improved. Simply put, a mountain home at Victory Ranch is essentially a means to cultivate a healthier, happier life for both you and your children.

Investing in Memories

Vacations commonly entail one’s most profound and rich memories; however, not all vacation destinations are made equal. In a study done by HomeAway, it was scientifically proven that mountains are the most memorable destination type. In fact, spending time in the mountains is 12% more memorable than one’s experience in a large city. The study also revealed that vacationers who felt excited or happy prior to a trip were 73% more likely to have excellent recall of their memories than those who felt stressed, or even calm. At Victory Ranch, we can attest that all members—of all ages—arrive excited and leave with plans already set into motion for their next visit. Thus, investing in a vacation home at Victory Ranch is, fundamentally, investing in a lifetime of memories.

By and large, owning a home at Victory Ranch yields innumerable short and long term benefits, ranging from one’s present happiness to a child’s prospective health and happiness. There is no better time, both in regard to the Utah real estate market and your family’s well-deserved contentment, to purchase a property at one of Utah’s most renowned private, four-season communities. The mountains are calling you home.

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