16 Winter Critters You’ll Find at Victory Ranch


No matter the time of year, there’s absolutely no shortage of wildlife at Victory Ranch. But that’s what happens when you have 4,000 acres of untouched backcountry. Here, we live in harmony with the critters amongst us, from the Bald Eagles soaring above to the moose sauntering amid snow-covered pines. Below, get a glimpse of 16 beautiful creatures that you can find right in your backyard at Victory Ranch.

Bald Eagle

Did you know that February is the best time to see Bald Eagles in Utah? Keep your eyes peeled for these majestic creatures perched atop tree limbs or floating through the snowy sky.

Bald Eagle

Sage Grouse

A unique type of bird species, the sage grouse is recognized for its chubby, round body, small head and long tail. You can find them dwelling amongst sagebrush at Victory Ranch, gathering in spring to mate.


Moose are the largest member of the deer family in Utah, most easily spotted in forest habitats—especially those with a mixture of wooded areas and open areas near lakes or wetlands. You might just find one drinking from the Upper Provo.



Amongst the most common animals at Victory Ranch are deer, found on property and throughout the backcountry at all times of year.


Native to North America, the coyote is reminiscent its gray wolf relative, although slightly smaller, incredibly clever and extremely adaptable to all weather conditions.


The official animal of Utah, Elk are found in mountainous habitats and, during the hot summer months, typically dwell at higher elevations. So, winter presents the perfect the time to spot elk in your backyard.



Bobcats can be found in various environments, from deserts to forests and wetlands, and are have a varied coloration that ranges from light gray to reddish brown. You can spot bobcats at Victory Ranch primarily at dawn and dusk.

Jack Rabbit

Both white-tailed and black-tailed jack rabbits—which are actually hares—can be found roaming the Victory Ranch property throughout the year, most easily recognized for their long ears.


These spiky critters are active throughout the year at Victory Ranch and mainly nocturnal, although often visible during the day. They’re excellent climbers and spend much of their time in the trees, so keep your head up.


Be one of the lucky few to see a long-tailed weasel at Victory Ranch. The species is primarily nocturnal, with dens located in burrows abandoned by other animals under brush piles or rocks.

Gold Eagle

In addition to the Bald Eagle, Gold Eagles can be found throughout our property at Victory Ranch. You’ll spot their nests in large trees, with eggs being laid from late February to early March in Utah—so get out there and start searching the sky above.


Red Fox are common in Utah, found in both open and semi-open settings across the Victory Ranch property—from thick forested areas to, quite literally, right in your backyard.

Mountain Cottontail

Mountain Cottontail rabbits are brownish gray, both in summer and winter, and generally live at higher elevations in thickets, sagebrush and rock piles, feeding on grass in the summer and twigs in the winter.

Mountain Cottontail


Chukars are most often seen during the winter months at Victory Ranch, recognized for their bold black and chestnut stripes and red bills, feet and legs.


Raccoons can be seen throughout the year at Victory Ranch, although they’re mainly active at night and often solitary—except when raising their young. Their breeding season usually occurs from January to March, so now’s the time to spot their bushy black tails.


Turkeys are amongst the most typically seen critters at Victory Ranch and are particularly active in the spring and fall.



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