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Every year we close the golf course for aeration, and August is the ideal time to do so because of the quick healing we receive from our turf during this timeframe. The course is growing and maturing at full force, which also allows for quicker healing. It is necessary to close the course as we take on numerous cultural practices that would impede playability as well as lots of moving parts and special processes focused on greens and tees.

Aeration is an imperative process for the vitality of the turf and enhanced playability. We go after the greens with a double verticut, topdressing, punch and core cleanup. The verticut, or vertical mowing, helps in the reduction of thatch, an organic layer that builds up in the soil profile from decomposing roots and excess growth from turfgrass plant. Removal of the cores is also a thatch removing tool, however, I find that core removal greatly reduces surface tension, providing needed permeability and infiltration of irrigation into the root zone. Reduced permeability can cause many problems for the grass in the soil. These processes we have implemented over the years have aided in the greens conditioning and overall playability that we have all come to love at Victory Ranch.

The healing process will be rapid. The golf course should be close to smooth playability within a couple weeks after coring. Thank you all for your understanding of the importance of this event to allow us to continue to maintain the Victory Ranch golf course at the highest level.


August 10, 2015 @ 6:00 am
August 13, 2015 @ 9:00 pm
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